Santiago, Chile

Santiago so far: stray dogs everywhere, much like my beloved country, the Philippines; insane avocado and white bread consumption and ice cream – even during winter. It is indeed winter, it’s 18 degrees here and life is good. Except during night time where I tuck myself in under three blankets and have my fuzzy socks on just to get a good night’s sleep.

So, the ‘adventure’ began in Santiago for a week of training. Training to become a credible source of the English language and learning how to be liked by my Chilean students and people in general. It has been quite a busy one, adjusting to the cold I’m no longer used to and thought I managed to escape, struggling with Chilean pesos, getting acquainted with the Chilean diet and piscos (my new fave drink) and last but not the least, in fact the highlight, meeting new people from different corners of the world.

From Santiago, another volunteer and I had to take an overnight bus to our designated town that is Copiapó. Ten hours. More or less ten hours of trying to get into your most comfortable sleeping position which in theory should be easy given we are provided semi-camas (semi-beds) but sleep did not come easy. From this day forward, I could never complain about the 3-hour bus journey to Stansted.



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