San Pedro de Atacama

Atacama. My decision to be placed in the north was mostly based on this. Nearly shed a tear when I finally received news of my placement not realising the 8-hour journey that still lies ahead to reach the actual San Pedro de Atacama.

If you ever plan on visiting this place and happen to yearn for an off-the-beaten-path adventure like me, try and stay for more than 3 days. Note to self: this is not a city break. Given there wasn’t enough time and money, we weren’t able to do all the touristy stuff let alone venture further and go past the touristy aspect of it.Nonetheless, I enjoyed my first ever horse-riding experience (in retrospect) at Valle de la Muerte (aka Valley of Death, could not sound more ominous for a first-time rider). I also definitely recommend this destination even solely for the pizza they have over there at Restaurante El Sol. It was your usual tomato and cheese-based pizza with caramelised banana and chocolate shavings on top – so unexpectedly tasty.

Useful tips on how and what to do when you get there come plenty, just not here.

What I do have are found below. Here ye, here ye, the driest desert on earth in low-res pictures.




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