Chef’s Table


Just when I thought I was ready to let go of Netflix, they release new docu-series, Chef’s Table. Needless to say, I devoured it and spread the word seconds after watching episode one. I’m nearing towards the end of the series, sob, and lo and behold, I’m still preaching.

As a novice foodie, I haven’t been and actually still not a huge fan of cooking-related shows in general; I’d happily watch it on a Saturday morning when there’s nothing better on but would also happily pass on MasterChef and the like whilst the rest of the foodie population tunes in. The hype surrounding Michelin-starred restaurants also escaped me, I guess mainly due to the fact that I’ve no means to be part of it and so perhaps to cope, I’ve dismissed it and deemed them pretentious. Until now.

Call it a newly-found appreciation for chefs working incredibly hard not to break into fame in the food world but to prove a thing or two to themselves and ultimately change how we perceive food and the way we consume it; it went from none to deep bordering on worship. It’s not how visually appetising the plate is, not the technique aspiring chefs would one day emulate, okay, maybe that but the series intently packed so much more in an hour – it’s the chef’s thought process, their sentiments about food made rich by their unique experiences – both successes and failures – that make it an enlightening watch. Simply put, how the plate came to be rather than how it’s executed. This combined with top-notch cinematography (the intro itself had me salivating) and we got ourselves a must-see for all foodies looking for a dollop of inspiration (had to do it).

Featured image: Ew


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