Verona’s first revelation: it’s renowned as the city of love not just because of Romeo and Juliet, but also, if you take a look at a map of the city, you will see the city centre is roughly heart-shaped. Pretty cool if you ask an easily-amused tourist like me. Having said that, Verona is a picturesque city whose sights and sounds go well beyond Shakespeare’s backdrop and the opera. Its streets are lively and bustling without being too overwhelming apart from the famous courtyard and balcony which you will find is a mob scene.

Relatively small in size, the city calls for an easygoing day out – and so we traipsed around the whole afternoon admiring its yellow-hued buildings and historic views, simultaneously scouring for places to fill our bellies with nothing but carbs. Aaaand ice cream. I strongly recomend Gelateria Romana. Their portions are so generous that my ice cream toppled off from the cone before leaving the premise (they kindly gave me a new one to gently devour). Try the Crema di nocciola al cacao if you’re a Nutella fan, you’re welcome.

Night time here is just as easygoing. We headed to Corsa Porta Borsari where the majority of osterias and enotecas seem to line up. I have no idea what those two mean and what the difference is but you will see plenty of them. It was initially odd seeing locals standing outside bars, having casual aperos with their peers, their starting point might as well becoming their finishing point with the absence of nightclubs. Suffice to say, merry-making here is a more sophisticated affair than back home.




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