Time Out Café, Nottingham

Have I become the sort who blogs about what’s on their food agenda? Will I be taking photos of my plates now without shame before wolfing them down equally without shame? I dread to think about the process but I’m way too inclined to share at times so I guess the answer would be – what of it.

The other day, I was in Nottingham and a friend brought me to this café they have been rating since its launch. I was hesitant to get started with this new venture of mine but ultimately decided I’m going to settle with taking photos of these joints until I get one of my own  (probably will be doing this for eternity then).

So, Time Out café is an independent venue conveniently located just off the city’s main square. With a very low-key entrance, I could’ve easily walked right past it had it not been for my guide who’s been here one too many times. What to expect when you get there: an open-plan setting with features seemingly grabbed straight from a Pinterest board – hey, not a bad thing. There’s also a swing. Naturally, I chose this spot because if you’re going to indulge you might as well indulge on a swing.

Their menu is one you probably don’t come across often, if you live in the Midlands that is. It’s contemporary Asian served in tapas style. There’s the spicy mini Korean bulgogi burger with brioche bun (I’ll be trying this at home), skewers of your choice from curry fish balls to Thai grilled pork, generous portion of skinny fries and seafood nibbles such as calamari and takoyaki (octopus balls). Tip: go on Instagram to find out about their secret menu #timeoutsecret – we learnt about the Waffle Chicken burger this way. You’re welcome.

As for drinks, they offer your usual hot and cold with a small range of milk teas. Thai milk tea was a good decision albeit a safe choice apparently. My company went with his usual iced coffee served with condensed milk quietly sitting, settling at the bottom of the glass and I can’t for the life of me imagine the amount of sugar involved. Oh, and there’s the Snow Affogato if you’re feeling adventurous. Getting hungry? Me too.

Time Out Café

1, 14-16 Wheeler Gate

Nottingham NG1 2NB


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