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Yesterday, I went on a mini road-trip with the nuns. Who would have thought those words would end up together in a sentence…

Anyway, I was resolved into having a Game of Thrones binge until there came a knock on the door whilst I was brushing my teeth.

“Vamos al Valle del Jerte para ver las cerezas en flor. Te apetece?”

Translation: We’re going to see the cherry trees in Valle del Jerte, wanna come with? Now, everyone has been talking about this Valle del Jerte and cherry business since January so I thought if not now, then when, and how on earth can you politely turn down an offer from a nun?


So, in a matter of minutes, I’ve gone from complaining about a headache I got from staying in bed all morning to suffering yet another headache from getting baked under the sun whilst confined in a car wearing thick layers of clothing. But you know what, it was all worth it. We reached a small, quiet town one of the nuns grew up in and paid a brief visit to her parents. After, we drove further up the mountain to check out Piornal, said to be the highest town in Extremadura. Upon doing this fact check, I also found out this is where the Spanish celebrate that weird festival I always pitch whenever someone tells me how odd Tomatina is. In this festival I feel *oh so knowledgeable about*, people throw turnips at a man dressed in demon mask known as Jarramplas. Shame it didn’t get me as far as to knowing where this is held… Had I realised soon enough I live so close by, I could’ve turn(ip)ed up. Worst word play ever. Anyway, I digress.

In light of all this, here’s a short film by Amenábar released last year that tells us the fun to be had in saying ‘Vale’.


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