A number of trips to London got me entertaining the possibility of changing my postcode to a much cooler one. It was nice to find out I could walk to different neighbourhoods without having to rely on the tube every single time (It only took me a decade to figure this out).

I was adamant I could live here during my walk from Trafalgar Square to Southbank. That thought didn’t take long to waver as I touched down Embankment and caught an overwhelming view of the river and the chaos surrounding it. It might be the introvert in me or just my fitness levels, but something tells me I really am not cut out for the city – except for Borough Market where I certainly wouldn’t mind becoming a full-time resident. Yep.

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Our whistle-stop tour around northern Italy ends in Trento, my favourite out of the three. Less than an hour from Verona (three from Venice) via train, Trento offers an idyllic lifestyle in stunning surroundings; medieval city walls, spectacular mountain views, the serene Adige river, hardly any tourists in sight and with temperatures that can reach 22 degrees during October, who’s complaining?!

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One thing I love about Italy is how easy and relatively cheap it is to city hop. Venice for example is more or less a two-hour direct train from Verona. Having said that, it’s best to buy tickets in advance or book it online to avoid long queues. Make sure you validate your ticket as well before hopping on the train if you bought it from the station (machines are found at the platforms). We realised this the moment we sat down yet decided to act on it just before the train leaves. So there was my friend running for her life with a minute to spare then there was me freaking out with worst case scenarios running through my head. If you can avoid that risky business, that would be great.

But I digress, I’m not here to talk about trains. Back to Venice aka the most spontaneous slash super last-minute trip I’ve embarked upon in awhile.

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Al Moschetto, Verona

What’s the last item on our itinerary in Italy? More ice cream. Because what kind of a tourist leaves the country without sampling more ice cream last minute, right?! And so it was decided that Gelateria La Romana would be our last stop before the airport. Having said that, if you’re looking to fill the stomach with good stuff prior to the ice cream binge, look no further. There’s a #trendy café/resto next to the place and it’s called Al Moschetto. So make that two stops, because you might as well.

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Verona’s first revelation: it’s renowned as the city of love not just because of Romeo and Juliet, but also, if you take a look at a map of the city, you will see the city centre is roughly heart-shaped. Pretty cool if you ask an easily-amused tourist like me. Having said that, Verona is a picturesque city whose sights and sounds go well beyond Shakespeare’s backdrop and the opera. Its streets are lively and bustling without being too overwhelming apart from the famous courtyard and balcony which you will find is a mob scene.

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The wonderful world of recruitment

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With less than a month to go before I bid adieu to the wonderful world of recruitment, I thought I’d pull together a small list of things I’ve learnt in those ten months. By no means do I deem myself a proper recruiter (I was a resourcer who’s had a go at a 360 role), nor do I think I’ve stayed there long enough ‘to have seen it all’ but here are some things I’ve picked up along the way.

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Coron, Philippines

Growing up, all I could tell you about Palawan was that it’s that island hardly anyone knows about, far from the mainland, Luzon, and it would perhaps take years to get there by boat. I’ve only heard of El Nido, as everyone else did at that time and that its limestone formations and crystal clear waters were exclusive for the rich. Well, not anymore.

For years, people took a huge liking to El Nido – the closest you can get to paradise. But now, Coron is taking center stage, rivaling El Nido’s beauty with its pristine waters, majestic lagoons and a town that still, for the most part, feels local and not saturated with tourist traps.

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